Ecstatic dance festival 2020 (met Dana Devi)

Kasteel de Berckt, de Berckt 1, 5991 PD Baarlo





Feel the Earth – Open your Heart – Touch the Sky

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"We dance for freedom, connection and health, we come together with all dancers and our fantastic crew full of musicians, ceremony leaders, healers and other free spirits"

UPDATE 26th JUNE: until know we have been holding back in communicating how exactly we will host the festival. Regulations have been changing every few weeks. Right now we are allowed to gather and dance inside with more than 100 people. This is why we have new Week one tickets available. We stay with the plan to host 2 smaller versions instead of one big one. And we will be not with more than 200 people on the huge dance floor. The 1.5 m rule has been removed for in and out door sports. Dance has been labelled as a contact sport and while sporting you don't have to keep distance.

Every time regulations change people feel it's not clear and feel uncertain. This is normal, we just have to find our way thru these times and everyone has his and her own approach. At the festival you can bring your uncertainties and fears to the dance floor. Like always with Ecstatic Dance you create your dance and if you feel you like distance that's fine with all the other dancers.

This 2020 edition of the Ecstatic Dance Festival will be a big invitation.. to connect to yourself, your feet, the earth, your roots, others.. and all of existence.

.. to relax your body and mind, to be yourself, feel your innermost core and let yourself be moved by the music, the surroundings and all sensations.

To support all of this to happen we will create a place with space for both the inward journey as for outer expression, contact with others and a lot of dance..! of course.

✨ Meet yourself ánd others in the dance. ✨

The festival consists of two 6 day retreats with dinners, workshops, performances, live music, yoga, massage, cacao ceremony, special concerts and healing area. In an intimate setting on a powerful and beautiful location.


The core of the festival program consists of Ecstatic Dance. Of course we’re adding just the right elements to deepen and enhance your festival experience. We wish to take you on a journey - your journey, since every Ecstatic Dance will differ from the other. Our aim is to create a magical space for discovering dance-forms, connecting with others in new ways, experiencing healing touch, being part of intimate concerts and having acces to yogaclasses, breathing exercises and meditation. There will also be a grand party night and enough "free" time to take for yourself.

Ecstatic Dance Dj's:

  • Kareem Raïhani
  • Martyn Zij
  • Yarun Dee
  • Nykkyo Energy Dj
  • Kairosity
  • Sefrijn Langen
  • Anthe Aelea

Sound journeys & Concerts:

  • Jennifer Ann (week 1)
  • Mitsch Kohn
  • Elise Yuill Cohen
  • Henk van Glabbeek, Madhav
  • Ron Stokking, Vyanah
  • Dana van Breukelen & Tammo Heikens (week 1)
  • Elias Hering & Lisa Hofknecht, Lunasol
  • Nana Zoe Jovanovic & Lotte Ritzer
  • Victor Lange
  • Frederik van der Ven, Rhymes of Passage
  • Special surprise ( week 2)

Ecstatic Dance Ceremonies & Spaceholders:

  • Araliya Bosma
  • Kuda Nemane
  • Jethro Obadja Rahajaan
  • Rafael Zielinski
  • David Lurey


  • Linda Schaap

Etheric oils and Sound on the Dance floor:

  • Essence to Essence

Decoration & Styling:

  • Rita Ruibing
  • Centipede Productions

LOCATION We love Kasteel de Berckt for this creation, the garden, facilities, and cooperation with the owners make this the ideal situation. On our website you can find an overview of what we love so much here.


Are you going by car or are you looking for a ride please use these options tof ind out:

  • week 1 :

  • week 2:

TICKETS For every event we offer a discount ticket to our followers through our newsletter, as soon they are online. This year we changed the ticket options to accommodate you better. Everyone will buy the "basic" ticket (Including camping spot for your own tent )and can add a ticket for a room of your choice. More details on our website.

There is a full ticket refund if the festival is cancelled because of regulations by authorities. If regulations allow there will be a festival 100% no way we cancel.

Week one regular bird ticket : 480e Week two early bird ticket: 430e

Special deal second week for: 311 e

Only in week two there are still rooms available, please find out all the options and prices at our website.

CHILDREN Looking back at the first Ecstatic Dance festival Holland we are pleased with our decision that our festival will thrive more without our beloved offspring. Our experience has taught us the responsibilities involved when children participate in a festival. We realize that both parents and the organization may have to center too much on the well-being of our children and thereby loose focus on our main goal: realizing a most powerful festival. We thus invite all mums and dads to find a great solution for the kids and claim the necessary “me” time for some days.

ORGANISATION The festival is organized by Kareem Raïhani and the Chocolate Club. Years of experience, both as DJ's and organizers, cultivated the cherished dream of creating an intimate as well as encompassing festivals, together with a dedicated team.

GOOD TO KNOW When renting a room/ bed in the castle, bedlinnen is included. Bringing a yoga mat and pillow for the concerts and meditative moments is advisable.

CONTACT Having questions or suggestions? Please use the chat-function on Facebook or email: