A studio to realize your dreams... 

Studio 108 started as a small recording facility in the center of Utrecht around the year 2000. 
After several years the room proved to be too small for the purpose of hosting
small ensembles and it was decided to move to a larger location. 
As destiny would have it both the old and the new location happened to be on the house number 108,
so the name of the studio could remain the same.  
The studio earned a reputation of being a place where one can feel at ease,
inspired and tuned in to the heart of the music. 
Contrary to the typical clinical ambience of most recording studio’s,
Studio 108 makes you feel you are at home and with friends. 

The studio consists of a recording room with enough space for small to medium size
ensembles and a separate control room for mixing, monitoring and post-production.
In another room there is a baby grand piano that can be included in the setup of a recording session. 

Studio 108 has hosted many musicians and ensembles and did productions
for radio, television and theater productions. 
The studio offers a nice pallet of vintage microphones and some boutique preamps.  

Tammo’s DAW of choice is Apple Logic Pro. He has been using it since version 3.5 (1998)
and therefore he is most skilled with this software. 

 Tarifs: €40,- per hour and  €120,- per daypart of roughly 4 hrs. 

Price arrangements on project base can be discussed.


In this playlist are some of the artists who recorded in Studio 108.  It will be updated when new releases appear.