From an early age Tammo was interested in sounds and melodies and creative processes. Always experimenting, improvising and enjoying the magic of playing musical instruments.   
In his teens he took to playing the guitar and joined the musical revolution that was happening in the seventies.  
He went through many stages developing a wide taste of diverse styles of music.  
Later on in his life all these different aspects started to merge more and more in a very eclectic mix that often can go in unexpected directions.  

Especially his study of Hindustani (North Indian classical) music moulded his distinct musical signature.  
In the nineties he learned to play the sitar from some of the greatest Indian musicians especially Budhaditya Mukherjee.  

After he graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory he started to become more and more interested in the creative processes of recording and music production. Started his own studio to be able to master all the different aspects like songwriting, composition, arranging, mixing and other related subjects. Creating several cd’s for other artists and of his own music and doing music production for radio, tv and theater shows.  

At present Tammo’s activities are mostly centered around music that has a spiritual and/or devotional nature. He has a special interest in music in the context of yoga, like mantra singing and music as a form of meditation.  
Since recently he developed a special interest in music related to the sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great sufi mystic and musician who brought the universal sufi message to the west about a century ago.
These teachings always where a guiding light on the spiritual path of Tammo for a large part of his life. 

He performs with a variety of singers and other music groups and sometimes as a soloist; giving mantra singing workshops and special "yoga music" during yogaclasses.  

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